Personalized Holistic Health Plan
My holistic approach and 22 years experience will save you valuable time and money by helping you not fumble in the dark trying to find out what will get you the results you want.
I'll review your personal & family health history, environment and lifestyle to assess what methods and resources will most effectively support you accomplishing your goals. 
Nutritional Evaluation 
Optimal nutrition and sound eating habits are considered the most important thing we can do for our physical and mental health. I will determine if you're getting adequate nutrition, evaluate your diet and lifestyle, and make recommendations as needed.
I'll determine if you have absorption problems in which case I'll explain how you can address that, and provide quantitative proof of whether you're wasting money (and time) on ineffective nutritional supplements or that your products and lifestyle are serving you well and that you should keep doing what you're doing.
This service plays a critical role in preventing degenerative issues like cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, as well as many mental health issues, while supporting the reversal of current negative health trends.
Click here to learn about my clinical evaluation method.
Weight Loss & Detoxing Program
I provide resources to help people detox and/or lose weight to support improved health, and Coaching for those who need structure and moral support.
Guided Meditation
Meditation is another essential practice for living the best life possible and realize one's full potential. Regular meditation empowers you to handle stress better and stay centered in whatever life throws at you. Regular meditation improves parenting, relationships and performance in work, sports, music and other creative endeavors.
I provide coaching for those who are "Meditation Challenged" and those who simply prefer to meditate with one or more people. Group meditation is particularly powerful as each person amplifies the peaceful and potentially transcendental field of energy that meditation can produce. You can book as many participants as space allows. Distant meditation (people from all over the world) can also be coordinated.
Massage Therapy
I combine over 1,200 hours training and 33 years practice in therapeutic bodywork to customize massage sessions for every client. I integrate intuition and clinical application of the best methods from the following techniques:

* Swedish Massage

* Deep Tissue Massage
* Sports Massage
* Pre & Peri-natal Massage
* Shiatsu
* Tui Na
* Thai Massage
I provide massage exclusively as a mobile service at work and home.
Life Coaching 
Life Coaching addresses everything from relationships to health to career. I will help you clarify your goals, identify obstacles/challenges, including how you subconsciously sabotage yourself, and replace obsolete/unhelpful beliefs, perspectives, habits, preferences, and attitudes with ones that will support your objectives while laying out a course for attaining what you desire.
Discover your true potential to a fulfilling, happy, healthy life!
Addiction Cessation & Recovery
My holistic approach and resources help people effectively overcome addiction to drugs, unhealthy dietary practices, and other habits that prevent them from experiencing the best health and most fulfilling life possible for them. Get faster, permanent results than conventional approaches provide, and feel more confidence, vitality and freedom than you've ever known!

Some issues addressed:

ADD/ADHD                                    Addiction                  

Allergies                                       Anxiety                     

Arthritis                                       Asthma

Autism                                         Back Problems            

Bipolar Disorder                           Blood Pressure            

Cancer                                        Chronic Fatigue          

Chronic Pain                                Depression                 

Digestion                                     Detoxing                     

Eating Disorders                           Emotional Issues        

Erectile Dysfunction                     Fibromyalgia              

Infertility                                    Injuries                        

Insomnia                                     Intimacy

Immune Disorders                        Migraines                  

Mood Disorders                           Muscle Aches                

Myofascial Pain Syndrome            Neck Problems             

Pain Management                        PTSD

Relationship Problems                 Skin problems            

Sleep Disturbances                      Spiritual Issues              

Sports Performance                     Strains & Sprains

Stress                                         Stroke                      

Weight Loss

Intimacy Issues
Intimacy Issues
$400 for initial Holistic Evaluation & Plan + $100 per follow up
Addiction Cessation & Recovery require Holistic Evaluation, Plan & Follow-ups
$100/hr for all other services*

* Read "Time" on my Massage Protocol page to see why massage is really 

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